Monday, June 11, 2007

It is worse here in the US

Telegraph reported The curriculum in state schools in England has been stripped of its content and corrupted by political interference, according to a damning report by an influential, independent think-tank.
It is worse here in the US, with the Secular Humanists and the teacher's unions both working to destroy the schools.
It warns of the educational apartheid opening up between the experience of pupils in the state sector and those at independent schools, which have refused to reduce academic content to make way for fashionable causes.
The don't teach students to read and think for themselves, they tell them what to think. Just like in the madrassas, except in our schools you can't mention God.
... "The traditional subject areas have been hijacked to promote fashionable causes such as gender awareness, the environment and anti-racism, while teachers are expected to help to achieve the Government's social goals instead of imparting a body of academic knowledge to their students," it says.
And they should be teaching Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, and letting the students form their own social goals.
... Testing at the ages of seven, 11 and 14 places stress on pupils, teachers and parents, says the council, which wants a return to the previous system under which children did not sit any national exams until the end of compulsory schooling at the age of 16..
I disagree there. You don't want to wait until age 16 to find out they are not learning anything.
.. Teenagers studying for GCSEs are being asked to write about the September 11 atrocities using Arab media reports and speeches from Osama bin Laden as sources without balancing material from America, it reveals.
That may make since considering that if they don't wake up soon the entire country will be a majority Islamic country in another generation, and then everyone else will become a Dhimmi.
... The Department for Education defended the curriculum changes and accused the Civitas report of being "based on a profound misunderstanding of the national curriculum and modern teaching methods".
Actually they do understand the national curriculum, they just don't like it, or these new "modern teaching methods." And it is not something new. When my mother was in school she was in the School of Education, and the Dean called her in to chew her out about so many absences, and she said the did not cut class in the important classes, just in the education classes. He was not amused.
"It is insulting to the hard work of pupils and teachers to claim that the education system is just a political football to promote political or social goals," said a spokesman.
It may be insulting, but it is the truth.
Dr. Sanity blogged In the end, all totalitarian/collectivist idealogues have to deliberately and callously use and brainwash children. Whether it is Fidel and his communist indoctrination in Cuban schools or the mirror image of the Palestinian's using a Mickey Mouse look-alike to make little children comfortable with the idea of murdering Jews. Each has their own idea of "social justice", and they insure that their children's minds are never able to break out of the ideological box within which they have confined their respective societies.

Collectivists--either from the right or the left--could care less about the harm they do to the souls of the children who are used or brainwashed in such a manner. For them the individual, whether a child or adult, has no meaning except insofar as they can advance the ideology. A child's total worth is only equivalent to their willingness to be fodder for the good the "cause.".... The left's indoctrination of children today is really no different than what is going on in the madrassas of the Arab world.

Bookworm blogged If we’re not careful, just as our past was once England (and a fairly good legacy of freedom and democracy it gave us), soon our future will be England too, and that, sadly, is a very depressing though

Tim Worstall blogged I'm told that there is no online version of this report. You, err, have to actually buy it. Apparently the information contained is so important to the body politic that only those interested enough to forgo a few pints should have access to it.

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