Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fatwa forbids PA Muslims to emigrate

Jerusalem Post reported Alarmed by the growing number of Palestinians who are emigrating from the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority's mufti has issued a fatwa [religious decree] forbidding Muslims to leave.

Why would anyone want to be a Muslim. They kill you if you change faiths, and now they forbid you to leave an area where they stirred up violence, if you just want a peaceful land to live in.
Sources in the PA Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that some 10,000 Palestinians have filed requests to emigrate from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year. They said the requests had been approved. "Every day we hear about hundreds of Palestinians who file requests for emigration with different consulates and diplomatic missions," the sources said. "According to our statistics, there are at least 45,000 emigration applications being reviewed by different countries." The sources said most of the applicants were young men seeking work abroad. They said the majority of them wanted to move to the US, EU and Canada.
Where they don't have nutcases firing rockets into the country next door, which may provoke a response that will accidently get you rather than the really guilty party
The number of Palestinians who wish to emigrate increased significantly after the second intifada broke out in September 2000. Figures published by a number of Palestinian groups show that 50,000 to 80,000 people emigrated in the first few years after the violence erupted.
Gee, Muslims that are more worried about their own lives, and those of their children, than for the pleasure of killing Joozzz, or sending their children to die in hopes that a Jew will be killed.
Robert Spencer blogged What? To the Great Satan and other infidel strongholds? Why not to Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Of course, among the people who want to emigrate to the West there are doubtless many who are not ideologues, who just want to get on with their lives. But they are trapped.

Michael P.F. van der GaliĆ«n blogged Dr. Nu’man Amr of Al-Quds University explained to the Jerusalem Post that so many people want to leave Palestine “the harsh economic situation and the high rate of unemployment.” Now, perhaps it’s just me but what about the, you know, civil war? Doesn’t that play a role at all?

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