Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Minnesota Muslims in culture clash at airport

Reuters reported For Mahamed Jama, a Minnesota taxi driver, the Islamic restriction on drinking alcohol is a seamless rule for life. "He who carries alcohol, he who drinks and he who sells it are the same thing," he says. That belief could affect his livelihood.
Why. Just because a passenger has alcohol does not mean he has to drink it or that he sold it to the passenger.
The commission that runs the Minneapolis airports in May began enforcing a new policy allowing it to revoke the licenses of drivers who refuse to ferry passengers carrying alcohol -- something that has happened to 4,854 travelers trying to get a cab at Minneapolis International Airport in the last five years.

Robert Spencer blogged "They believe they have been forced into something against their faith, something against their religion." Ultimately that is going to have to be sorted out, and not just for Minneapolis cabbies. Is the U.S. going to accept Sharia provisions, or reject them? We cannot ignore the problem forever.

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