Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pence & Shadegg To Run

Redstate reported In light of our editorial from the wee hours, we are hearing from multiple credible sources Mike Pence will announce he is running for Minority Leader later today. Likewise, John Shadegg will announce he intends to run for Minority Whip.

This is good news. We definitely need to clean house in the Republican Leadership.
Both men are expected to wait for Speaker Hastert to announce he is going to the back bench.

James Joyner blogged Great news, indeed. Both are reasonably conservative–and fiscal conservatives, at that–and untainted with the stench of the scandals that helped transform the current Majority into the incoming Minority. Rob Bluey has details.

It’s definitely time for Hastert and Blunt to go. I’m not sure Boehner, who only took over the Majority Leader job a few months ago, deserves a lot of blame. Still, a clean sweep is warranted. Pence is staking out Reagan-esque territory, saying, “we did not just lose our majority, we lost our way.”

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