Sunday, November 05, 2006

At war with radical Islam reported Social housing must be counted as one of the greatest failures -- and there are many -- of the "progressive" thinking of the 1960s and 1970s.

Socialism doesn't work? Who is surprised?
Nearly everywhere large public housing projects have been built, they have become incubators for crime, drug dependence, fatherless families, unemployment and welfare. Rather than lifting minorities out of poverty, social housing has herded them together where they are easier prey for bad people and bad ideas.
France needs to do as the Republicans forced Clinton to do, change perpetual welfare into "welfare to work".
So, at least some of the troubles in the Paris banlieues (suburbs) in recent years can be attributed to France's version of mass public accommodation. It is true, the vast majority of rioters, criminals and agitators in the French "housing estates" have been Muslims,
Something most of the MSM does not admit.
mostly from France's former colonies in North Africa. And it is true their faith is a contributing factor in their violence. Radical imams use the poor conditions in collectivist housing to whip up religious fervour among young Muslim residents.
Deport the radical imams.
Still, as Jonathan Laurence and Justin Vaisse point out in their new book, Integrating Islam, nearly one-fifth of French immigrants do not have jobs. In the banlieues, where Muslim immigrants predominate, the rate approaches 50%.
Do they know how to speak French proficiently? that is necessary to get a good job in France.
Muslims account for more than half of all inmates in French prisons. In prisons near the banlieues, that figure is between 70% and 80%. In many French housing projects, two out of every three men have been arrested at least once in their lives. Nearly half have been in prison at least once in the past decade.
about deporting them when they get out of prison?

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