Wednesday, November 08, 2006

‘Liberated’ Lieberman Likely to Be Courted by Both Sides

NYT reported Throughout his career, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has proudly proclaimed himself an “independent-minded Democrat.” But in the closing days of this campaign, Mr. Lieberman added a superlative, promising to be a “very independent Democrat.” After a brutal fall from grace in losing his party’s primary this summer, Mr. Lieberman will return to the Senate emboldened, rather than chastened. All fall, he used terms like “unshackled” and “liberated” to describe himself and called his independent candidacy a “twist of fate.” In Washington, he is unlikely to be cast out — rather, he could be courted by both sides on close votes.

In fact if he agrees to caucus with Republicans he could probably get a Committee Chairmanship

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