Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yank Propaganda

The All Spin Zone blogged Two days ago, I wrote about Scholastic Books catapulting the “Path to 9/11” propaganda. More than 400 comments were made at a crossposting that I did on Daily Kos, the vast majority of the comments containing excellent suggestions for action, and outrage that Scholastic would be supporting this crock-u-mentary with propaganda reinforcement.

In other words Scholastic should know that Democrats control the school system, and only left wing propaganda is acceptable in the schools.
Scholastic was flooded with calls and emails of protest and righteous indignation. Tonight, the material is no longer on Scholastic's website. Poof. Disappeared. From a comment in this subsequent DKos diary, the commentor tried to click through on the link to Scholastic's resource website earlier this evening. This is the link we were all hitting yesterday for our research. Tonight, the link comes up to a blank search page.

Blue Crab blogged I think this is both interesting and revealing. Back when Fahrenheit 911 was the talk of the blogosphere, all the criticism I read was about its accuracy. There were quite a lot of bloggers that were tearing it apart for its twisting of fact. A lot of bloggers wanted to set the record straight, but to my knowledge not one of those people I was reading at that time before I started blogging myself was calling for it to be silenced. They only wanted the record straight.
Republicans just want to get the facts out there; Democrats want to silence facts.
Now we have a new "docudrama" about 9/11 coming out. And the left side of the blogosphere and mainstream Democratic politicians are calling for it to be radically changed or silenced. Some are gloating that they think they have silenced some voices. Have you noticed the difference here?
Yes it is apparently ok to distort what Republicans do, but you can't even point out the truth about Democrats.
One group decries the accuracy, the other decries the existence. Who is in favor of silencing the opposition again? Who is in favor of curtailing the free speech of others? Have you noticed?

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