Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sick Democratic Humor

Greg Gutfeld wrote on Huffington Post 30 Amazing Things About America Once It Becomes Part Of The New Caliphate!

The name alone shows that the Dems really do not take Islamic Fascism seriously, yet they would be as upset, if not more so, than Republicans should the IslamoFascists establish Sharia Law on the United States. I am only going to list a few of the 30 items; if you want to see all 30, you will have to go to the site.
  • Finally decent halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl (beheadings)
    He makes fun of it, but the people the Taliban beheaded or shot in the soccer stadiums in Afganistan were not laughing
  • The Fahrenheit 9/11 ride at Universal Studios.
    Maybe they will have a Path to 9/11 ride as well (the ABC movie the Clinton administration is trying to block)
  • Queer Eye for the Vengeful Allah features the public blinding of all those who lay with men. You will also get a complete makeover.
    He makes jokes about it, but homosexuals are not treated well in Islam.
  • In the Pretty Woman remake, Julia Roberts is stoned to death.
    This man's humor is SICK
  • Global Warming is will of Allah. Al Gore beheaded for blaming science.
    Now that is one I find funny

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