Monday, September 04, 2006

I get it now!

Deb blogged I realized something this weekend that has probably been obvious to the rest of you for a long time: The reason a lot of these “I’m ok, you’re ok” people are so eager to say they are ok with homosexuality, living together before marriage, cheating, abortion, etc. is because it excuses them from being held to the same standards. I think in their heads if they have no standard or expectation from anyone else then no one should have any expectations from them either.

That is a very good point
I think the next time someone says “not that there’s anything wrong with that” I’m going to have to speak up and say something!

Seen on bumper sticker: “Abortion doesn’t make you unpregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead baby”
I would love to have that bumper sticker. Anyone know where I can get one?


Russ S. said...

As a matter of fact, Don...
You can find that one and countless other great pro-life stickers at:
By the way, keep up the good work!

Don Singleton said...

Thanks Russ

For those that want to click on it, the site Russ pointed out is here

And Russ is right, they have a LOT of them, some might even be better than the one Deb blogged about.