Monday, September 04, 2006

Help! Help! We're being oppressed!

Jay Tea at Wizbang blogged When Muslims in America are anywhere near as endangered as, say, a Jew in Saudi Arabia or A Dane anywhere in the Muslim world (remember, all Danes were guilty because one newspaper published cartoons depicting Mohammed, and that was later extended to all Westerners who didn't join in condemning the newspaper -- and quite a few who did), then I'll take CAIR's whining semi-seriously. Or, at least, pretend to. Until that day, all I have to say to them is to ask how many of their past leaders have been arrested and/or deported on charges of supporting terrorists. I've lost count.

They probably feel that having their past leaders get arrested and/or deported on charges of supporting terrorists is a form of oppresssion. They would say they were just exercising their free speech. However the Constitution is not a Suicide Note.

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