Thursday, June 01, 2006

ACLU Defends Pedophiles’ “Right” To Easy Access For Children

Stop The ACLU Via Indy Star

The ACLU of Indiana filed the suit challenging a new city ordinance that fines child molesters caught near city playgrounds or other gathering spots for children. Calling the ordinance passed in mid-May unconstitutionally vague, the group said it would make law-abiding citizens unwitting violators of the ordinance and hinder their ability to work, vote and worship.
It should not affect "law-abiding citizens" unless they are convicted pedophiles, and if they just have not been caught yet since they got out of prison.
The ordinance prohibits sex offenders convicted of crimes against children from coming within 1,000 feet of playgrounds, recreation centers, swimming pools, sports fields or facilities when children are around. This news seems to have quite a few people rightfully outraged this morning. Some of these sex offenders are claiming they can’t go to church because of how close their church is to a playground,
Find another church, one without children, or pray at home.
or that they can’t work for the same reason. However that argument seems pretty weak when you consider the exeception that is included in the law. One exception to the ban is if the offender is accompanied by an adult with no history of sex crimes.
I’m sure there are plenty of adults with no history of sex crimes that attend church and are employed at the same kind of places as these individuals. The ACLU are saying that this law is vague, however what sounds more vague is the arguments against it.

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