Monday, May 29, 2006

Interesting but dangerous

Download Squad blogged Have you ever wanted to be able to control your computer remotely, without the technical hurdles (or firewall issues) that come with more serious solutions like VNC? You might take a look at Gmail Remote Command, a free Windows app that will check your Gmail inbox every 60 seconds and, if it sees you've sent it certain preconfigured keywords, will execute commands on the host computer. GRC can make your computer run programs, open URLs, or shut down. This definitely isn't for people who have a need for high security, as it's basically a backdoor into your system for anyone who knows your e-mail address (though you can make your keywords hard to guess), but for more mundane situations it could come in handy--in particular, you could send yourself an e-mail from your cell phone and control your computer from anywhere in the world, or, at least, anywhere you have reception.

This sounds interesting, but very dangerous, and I am not sure I like the idea of Google taking over my computer.

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