Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iraq Becomes Deadliest of Modern Wars for Journalists

NYT By some reckonings, the death of two journalists working for CBS News on Monday firmly secured the Iraq war as the deadliest conflict for reporters in modern times.

Are camermen and soundmen considered journalists?
Since the start of the war in 2003, 71 journalists have been killed in Iraq, a figure that does not even include the more than two dozen members of news media support staff who have also died,
If a cameraman and a soundman are considered journalists, what are news media support staff? Or is the NYT playing loose with its figures so it can justify another story against the war?
according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. That number is more than the 63 killed in Vietnam, the 17 killed in Korea, and even the 69 killed in World War II, according to Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan free speech advocacy group.

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