Friday, March 17, 2006

Where's Betsy's Page?

Michelle Malkin Betsy Newmark, one of my favorite bloggers who I've been honored to have guest-blog here, is down. I asked her what happened. She e-mails about her nightmare:

Evil Blogger has lost the page - server problems. They are the most unhelpful organization. You can't reach any human being and all I get are form letters saying that all the problems have been resolved. I'm just hoping that they fix their problem and I get back on. I don't have time to hassle with setting up a new page.
She adds:
All I get are their automated messages that are of no help whatsoever. Then they put up lies on their status page saying that it really was just a tiny problem and it's all fixed now. Maybe if they get some notoriety out there, they'll take more action. Here is their lame help message. Thanks so much. Maybe one of your readers has a suggestion of what I can do to get my blog back other than starting over from scratch.
Even worse, someone else has now poached her URL.

Can someone help?

I offerred to set up and host a Word Press blog for her.

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Greta (hooah wife) said...

I read about this on Michelle's blog - what a nightmare!!! Good people of the blogosphere will help her get started again - like Don. She is forunate for that!