Monday, March 13, 2006

Krekar claims Islam will win reported Norway's most controversial refugee, Mullah Krekar, told an Oslo newspaper on Monday that there's a war going on between "the West" and Islam. He said he's sure that Islam will win, and he also had praise for suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. "We're the ones who will change you," Krekar told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in his first interview since an uproar broke out over cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims. "Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes,"
And apt description.
Krekar said. "Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries are producing 3.5 children. "By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim."
Which is why Europe needs to start deporting all radical Muslims.
He claimed that "our way of thinking... will prove more powerful than yours."
I don't think so.
He loosely defined "western thinking" as formed by the values held by leaders of western or non-islamic nations. Its "materialism, egoism and wildness" has altered Christianity, he claimed.
Secular Humanism has certainly cut back on people practicing Christianity, but I would not say it was altered.
Krekar, who's been supported by the Norwegian government since arriving as a refugee from northern Iraq in the early 1990s, now faces deportation after violating the terms of his refugee status and being deemed a threat to national security.
Hope they don't back down, and go ahead and deport him.
Bin Laden 'a good man'
Krekar told Dagbladet that he favours Islamic rule where political and religious leaders are one and the same.
Then he should move to such a country.
One such leader he respects, he said, is Osama bin Laden.
I wonder if Norway will be stupid enough to let this guy stay in its country.
"Osama bin Laden is a good person," Krekar said. He claimed Osama bin Laden is considered a terrorist simply because he lacks his own state.
No. He is considered a terrorist because of what he did. And the Taliban lost their state because they were too stupid not to turn him over.
"Those who say Osama bin Laden is a terrorist are themselves killing our women and children," Krekar said.
Islamofascists kill a lot more Muslim women and children than American forces ever did.
Attempts to "spread democracy," he claimed, are merely a ruse to wage war against Islam, adding that "the West destroyed the Taliban regime in Afghanistan" because "it feared the Islamic state."
No, it was because the Taliban regime was stupid, and would not turn over Osama, who had attacked us on 9/11

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