Saturday, March 18, 2006

'South Park' feeling some celeb heat?

Variety reported The battle between "South Park""South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Scientology is escalating. The dust-up gained steam last week when Isaac Hayes, a practicing Scientologist who has long been the voice of the character Chef, quit after objecting to a "South Park" episode called "Trapped in the Closet," which lampooned both the religion and Tom CruiseTom Cruise.

He did not mind when they lampoon Christianity, Judism, or Islam, but he can't stand it when they blast his "religion"
The skirmish continued this week, when Comedy CentralComedy Central abruptly pulled a repeat of that episode that was scheduled to air Wednesday evening.
Maybe the next time they take a shot at Christianity we should complain.
Showing instead was another memorable segseg which featured Hayes's character, called "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls."

Blog reports pegged the mysterious episode switch to objections raised by Cruise, who, the reports stated, threatened to not promote "Mission: Impossible 3," the summer tentpole for ViacomViacom-owned Paramount.
We we certainly dont want to tick Tom off, do we? <tongue in cheek>

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Russ S. said...

As a christian, I am also a big fan of South Park, and anyone who watches that show can tell you, that NOTHING is sacred on that show. I think that adds to the humor of it. The fact that Isaac Hayes quit over that episode, and for his stated reason, shows what a bigot he is. I have lost alot of respect for him. I believe that the things that are parodied in Southpark, are for the mostpart, done so fairly. (Notice that I said nothing about good taste) As a christian, I have the ability to let things go, and laugh them off if you will. The fact that Isaac Hayes and Tom Cruise are so offended at the assault on their "religion" is disgusting. Scientolology is NOT a religion. It IS a science FICTION cult. Period.