Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Online Freedom of Speech Act Vote Tomorrow

Outside The Beltway blogged The House will vote tomorrow on HR 1606 - The Online Freedom of Speech Act, a measure uniting Left and Right in the blogosphere. It got majority support last go-round but was thwarted by procedural tricks.

Extreme Left Wing Markos Moulitsas Zuniga notes that the NYT calls it “Internet Campaign Loophole” even though “this loophole has existed for several years and still hasn’t been exploited.”

Mike Krempasky says, “Seriously folks - it’s gameday. Get on the horn.”.... Here are the relevant points:

  • HR 1606 is a simple bill that simply puts into law the existing status quo. It preserves the system under which we operated for the 2004 elections - WHEN THERE WAS NO CORRUPTION OR SCANDAL. It's supported by bloggers left and right.
  • HR 4900 (also known as the CDT proposal) is NOT an acceptable alternative to HR 1606. It's attractive, and while complicated it has a lot to like - and we can look at it after we pass 1606 - but this is the bottom line: if HR 1606 is not passed TOMORROW, the FEC will issue regulations for politics on the internet.
  • The reformers regulators merely want to delay the process while the Commission will be forced to issue regulations.
  • This is a TINY, TINY law. It does NOT open up a gaping loophole - and you can support BCRA and still believe that this little tiny section of American politics ought to be free. (don't trust me - ask FEC Chairman Michael Toner)

I hope it passes

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