Saturday, January 10, 2009

Whole Hamas battalions wiped out

Ynetnews reported Is Hamas falling apart?
A senior IDF officer estimated Saturday that roughly 300 Hamas men have been killed since the army launched its ground incursion in the Gaza Strip. The military official said IDF troops were able to wipe out whole battalions belonging to the Gaza terror group.
Good job, IDF.
"Hundreds of people were killed in the various combat sectors," the officer said. "Some Hamas companies and battalions were simply wiped out. We also see cases of desertions and unauthorized leaves, while some terror activists are scared to undertake moves that would jeopardize them vis-à-vis IDF troops."
The cowards are hiding behind civilians, rather than confronting the IDF and claiming their 72 virgins. Maybe they are not that sure they have 72 virgins waiting for them.
Earlier Saturday, the IDF killed Hamas' rocket chief in the Gaza City area, Amir Mansi. The senior officer said that shortly before his death Mansi clashed with his subordinates, who refused to come out of their hideouts.
I don't blame them.
The rocket chief was left with no choice but to launch mortar shells himself,
He did not have to fire on Israel at all.
and was killed after being identified by the army.

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