Friday, January 09, 2009

Blago Impeached

House impeaches Blagojevich - Chicago Breaking News reported In a historic vote, the Illinois House has impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich,
The Illinois Supreme Court has rejected Burris's case; will Reid seat him, given these two actions?
directing the Senate to put the state's 40th chief executive on trial with the goal of removing him from office. The vote by the House was 114-1
I wonder if the Senate vote will be that lopsided
with one member voting "present." It marks the first time in the state's 190-year history that a governor has been impeached, despite Illinois' longstanding reputation for political corruption. Rep. Milt Patterson (D-Chicago) was the lone vote against impeachment.
I wonder what Blago will appoint him to before the Senate convicts him.
The "present" vote was cast by Rep. Elga Jefferies (D-Chicago).

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Anonymous said...

Blago is still working - what is he doing anyway - the guy has guts - what a jerk...ANON