Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rehashed from Hannity

Taylor Marsh whined It's the story of Chloe, a Down Syndrome child, whose parents had an encounter with McCain and Palin on a campaign stop. But that's just the wind up. The pitch is personal, meant to move, as well as use an event to capitalize on a special need's child and the sympathy it engenders to bring in votes for McCain-Palin. Republicans are nothing if not cynical, opportunistic and always willing to play an angle, no matter how repugnant.
What is repugnant about a meeting between two families, both of whom decided to bring Down Syndrome children into the world rather than aborting them.
Once "Kurt in Pennsylvania" started telling his story on Rush, I knew it sounded familiar. He went through the same patter as he did the day before.... It just so happened to be the exact same story the caller had shared on Hannity's show the day before.
Have you never seen one MSM media outlet pick up a story another featured the previous day?
What a coincidence.
What a scandle. Rush (or someone on his staff) watches Hannity. So now people on the radio can benefit from a story from Cable TV.
... Having been around radio for well over fifteen years, doing interviews across the country, having my own show (and then losing it),
Now we know why she is bitter.
while I try to get back on the air, I know this stuff. When Hannity has a caller on, then that same caller suddenly and miraculously appears on Rush's show, which evolves into a big pr event, it's not by accident.
Will the MSM promise never to cover a story that first aired on a different media outlet?
Manufacturing these events is what the right-wing does best.
What is manufactured? A family with a Down Syndrome child came to see a VP candidate with a Down Syndrome child. Neither is ashamed of ot killing the child before it could be born.
Using a Down Syndrome child to help their candidate get votes is just their latest low.

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