Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On the Fence

On The Moderate Voice Polimom says she has pulled the Obama sticker off of my truck; that although I’m not suddenly a McCain supporter, I can no longer be counted in the Obama column. In short, that I’m back on the fence.... the Palin pick told me that McCain is not afraid to think all the way out of the box — at a time when Barack Obama seems to be fully inside it.
McCain and Palin both have histories of working for CHANGE. Obama just talks about it.
Was it reckless? I’m not sure, frankly. She is indeed inexperienced,
No more inexperience than Obama. She at least has executive experience, both as Mayor and Governor.
but she’s not the utter neophyte her opposition is painting, either. Yes, it could have been a coldly cynical, partisan move by McCain, but I could care less about the politics of the pick. Furthermore, I’m not ready to pass judgment on her ability to lead. Simply because we haven’t yet heard her positions doesn’t invalidate them.

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