Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes, She Can

Maureen Dowd wrote in reported While Obama was spending three hours watching “The Dark Knight” five time zones away, and going to a fund-raiser featuring “Aloha attire” and Hawaiian pupus, Hillary was busy planning her convention. You can almost hear her mind whirring: She’s amazed at how easy it was to snatch Denver away from the Obama saps.
And if Obama can't handle Hillary, think what it is going to be like when he negotiates with Ahmadinejad
Like taking candy from a baby, except Beanpole Guy doesn’t eat candy. In just a couple of weeks, Bill and Hill were able to drag No Drama Obama into a swamp of Clinton drama. Now they’ve made Barry’s convention all about them
With Clinton it is always all about them.
— their dissatisfaction and revisionism and barely disguised desire to see him fail. Whatever insincere words of support the Clintons muster, their primal scream gets louder: He can’t win! He can’t close the deal! We told you so!
Does she really hope for the super delegates to chnge their minds in 2008, or is she just shooting for 2012?
Hillary’s orchestrating a play within the play in Denver. Just as Hamlet used the device to show that his stepfather murdered his father, Hillary will try to show the Democrats they chose the wrong savior.... Some Democrats wish that Obama had told the Clintons to “get in the box” or get lost if they can’t show more loyalty, rather than giving them back-to-back, prime-time speaking gigs at the convention on Tuesday and Wednesday.
If Obama can't handle a defeated Hillary, what makes anyone think he can run the country.
Al Gore clipped their wings in 2000, triggering their wrath by squeezing both the president and New York Senate candidate into speaking slots the first night and then ushering them out of L.A.
And triggering his defeat in November.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Obama on vacation in Hawaii for a much needed rest?....ANON

PS And can he handle Hillary - that is left to be seen - as I said before, if he gets elected, he will have to do something with her, like put her in his cabinet.