Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Racist Slurs

Joseph A. Palermo gets his knickers bunched up on Huffington Post about This photo was posted on August 8, 2008 on the web site of the Council of Conservative Citizens (C of CC).

I went to their website and had to really search to find the photo that upset Palermo. It is here, but I notice it is not as large as Palermo posted it, and because I have my browser set for 800x600 part of the photo was cut off on the C of CC website, but it was all showing on HP.

He says This kind of racism aimed at Barack Obama's candidacy for president should not be tolerated as we approach the most intense phase of the election cycle.

I happen to agree. There are plenty of good reasons to oppose Obama. Resorting to racist attacks are not a good idea. Focus on the fact that he is an empty suit with no real experience, and that many of his ideas are really wacky.
The C of CC site also features prominently Jerome Corsi's new attack book on Obama ("The Obama Nation"),
Really? I went to their web site and did not see it. So it must not have been as prominent as he says.
along with an interview that Corsi recently gave on a racist radio station. This kind of white supremacy,
There are a few things on the C of CC website that make me pause a bit, but most of it did not seem that bad. They may have emphasized the race conflict a bit more than I would, but that is all.
interconnected with the Republican Party (especially its Southern wing), should require clear and repeated denunciations from John McCain (who recently told the NAACP that he is a great admirer of Martin Luther King, Jr.).
As am I.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is not that experienced. He is, however, a good talker. One of his parents is white also, but that is not mentioned much. Of course, he is consideered Afro-American. This election will be very interesting. I wonder if there will be any surprises in the near future. Of course they brought up the Muslim thing, but he is Christian. Is there anything else we don't know about this man? Is he cheating on his wife like everybody else in politics?