Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bill Gwatney

Gunman Kills Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman - reported Bill Gwatney, the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, was shot in his office in Little Rock Wednesday morning and died a few hours later, police officials said. The officials said a single gunman fired three shots at Mr. Gwatney, a former state legislator, in the party’s headquarters a few blocks from the state Capitol and then drove away. Mr. Gwatney was rushed to the medical center of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, but a friend of the Gwatney family, who asked not to be identified, said doctors determined that his wounds were inoperable. He died about four hours later, police officials confirmed.
There is no indication of his political affiliations, his ideology, or his motives for singling out the Democrat Party chairman. Yet Greg Cancilla ( blames Michelle Malkin Once again the hate you and folks like Hannity spew has caused another right wing nut to resort to violence.

Why blame Michelle and Hannity? For blogging, writing books and columns, and appearing on television saying things he disagrees with?

He needs to cutback on the amount of kool-aid he drinks, and perhaps he should start taking his medications again.


Anonymous said...

One of the drawbacks, as we all know of being "out there", is that you are a target for some hate group. It makes you wonder why anyone wants to run for office. Your life will always be in danger. It is really a damn shame....ANON

fragment G said...


Bear with me and delete this if I am way off the beam. Your blog came up for me via a google of a lost friend of mine, Joe Baumgartner. The Joe I am looking for would be around 52 yrs old and origninally from Seattle Wa. My wife and I are trying to look him up. If you know this Joe, send him my way.

Again, I apologize for the interuption

Don Singleton said...

I have no way of knowing whether the Joe Baumgartner the news indicated was killed in Atlanta originally came from Seattle WA or not, but if it was the same guy, since he was killed, I don't know how I could send him your way.