Monday, August 04, 2008

Vote on allowing more domestic and offshore oil drilling

Ben Pershing wrote in WaPo reported Having thoroughly enjoyed their revival-style meeting on the House floor Friday, a group of Republican lawmakers plan to return to the chamber today to deliver more speeches on why they believe Congress should come back from its August break to vote on allowing more domestic and offshore oil drilling.
... once again, today's proceedings will not be broadcast because the House cameras are off when the chamber is not in session. So readers looking for updates will have to rely on reporters' descriptions or on members who use Twitter, Qik and other electronic applications which sound vaguely like breakfast cereals.
Actually I thought his use of twitter was very interesting, and it is telling that Ben cannot think of any way to demean it than by saying it sounds like a breakfast cereal.
... On Friday, House Republicans succeeded in drawing attention to their efforts because although their message -- DRILL! DRILL! -- was not new,
It is something we should have been doing the last 30 years.
their presentation of it was decidedly novel.
Glad to hear Ben admit that.
And the GOP managed to catch the Capitol press corps just as it was finishing up work on a fleet of "the politics of energy" stories, with reporters still in the building to witness what Republicans were doing.... Their stated goal -- to force Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to bring the House back into session to vote on drilling -- will never be achieved,
I thought it was th President that called Congress back into session to deal on an important matter, and I hope Bush will do so.
so the coverage-starved minority's primary hope is to earn some valuable free media. But now that everyone has written their stories and blogged their posts on the unusual non-session, what will we all write today?
I am writing tis, in response to your article.
How many reporters will even be in the Capitol press galleries, which are normally deserted in August?
Maybe more than you think, because what other news is competing with it.

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Anonymous said...

If President Bush is a "lame duck", do you think congress will be called back into session? I wonder....ANON