Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Drill where there is no oil

cbs5 reported At a news conference inside San Francisco's Ferry Building, Boxer, D-Calif., echoed Obama's call for oil companies to begin oil exploration in some 68 million acres already leased to them,
Maybe they are not drilling there because there is no oil there.
approximately half of which lies offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, and not in pristine wilderness areas such as Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Where there is so much oil that if they could drill in a very small area, like the size of a large airport, they could tap oil that is under a much much large area, and do it without disturbing the "pristine wilderness area"
Obama has recently indicated a willingness to consider limited offshore oil drilling if needed as part of a bipartisan compromise on energy. "Drilling is part of our plan," said Boxer, who chairs the Senate's Committee on Environment and Public Works, but "not drilling in moratoria areas."
Just where there is no oil.
Noting a rise in gas prices of more than $2 per gallon in the past seven years, Boxer said the plan would also crack down on energy market speculation, which some have blamed for the rise in gas prices,
The some being Dems that do not understand supply and demand.
and call for the release of oil from the country's strategic reserves.
Do you understand the meaning of the word strategic

And even Leno sees thorough their statement that drilling would not produce oil for 10 years

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Anonymous said...

For these guys, finding oil is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Drilling for gold anyone?....ANON

And, by the time they find any oil, the cars won't need it. Alternate sources of energy will be found somewhere, somehow, who knows@!