Monday, August 04, 2008

Seeing what you want to see

Any intelligent person just saw Mc'Cain's ad The One as funny, but the unhinged see it differently. Michael at thinks McCain is saying it indicates Obama == The Anti-Christ and says In light of last week’s attack on a Unitarian church for being too “liberal,” is it so far-fetched to worry that some unhinged true believer may hear all this and decide he has a call to assassinate the anti-Christ?
Does a church attacking Obama for being too liberal prove he is the anti-Christ? And any true believer that has read the Bible knows the Anti Christ cannot be killed until three and 1/2 years after the start of the Tribulation, which occurs after the Rapture, and even then he will not stay dead.
and David Gergen believes the ad is code for calling Obama “uppity”
Looks like Gergen is desperate for something to let him say someone other than Obama is introducing racism in the campaign.

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