Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doom for Obama?

Eric Pianin wrote on WaPo Should it become necessary in the months from now to identify the moment that doomed Obama's presidential aspirations, attention is likely to focus on the hour between nine and ten this morning at the National Press Club. It was then that Wright, Obama's longtime pastor, reignited a controversy about race from which Obama had only recently recovered - and added lighter fuel.
And continues to pour gasoline on the flame.
... Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks ("God damn America") and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.
I wonder how the black church in America likes its new spokesman.
... "This is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright," the minister said. "It is an attack on the black church."
No, only thse churches spouting this foolishness.
He positioned himself as a mainstream voice of African American religious traditions.... Wright seemed aggrieved that his inflammatory quotations were out of the full "context" of his sermons -- yet he repeated many of the same accusations in the context of a half-hour Q&A session this morning.
Showing exactly the context for the statements.
His claim that the September 11 attacks mean "America's chickens are coming home to roost"? Wright defended it: "Jesus said, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.
We have never flown planes ino buildings, or strapped on suicide belts, or fired rockets not knowing what they would hit, but hoping to hit innocent civilians.
Those are biblical principles, not Jeremiah Wright bombastic divisive principles."
Which Bible is Wright reading?
His views on Farrakhan and Israel? "Louis said 20 years ago that Zionism, not Judaism, was a gutter religion.
I don't know which is more of a gutter religion: Islam or the twist that the Nation of Islam applied to it.
He was talking about the same thing United Nations resolutions say
Would that be the UN resolutions creating the state of Israel (Zionism) or the ones sponsored by the Muslims condemning it?
Gaius blogged Yes, Obama has a major problem Wright now. No, it isn't guilt by association, either. It is guilt by failure to disassociate himself from Wright a long time ago. The failure of Obama to realize that Wright was going to be a real liability speaks quite a lot about Obama's judgment - none of it good. Could this, in fact, be the real end of Obama's chances? Very possibly. That popping sound you here is the champaign being opened over at Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Stop the ACLU blogged Barack Obama’s pastor/spiritual advisor/spiritual mentor/campaign advisor evidently believes that his media storm last month was actually beneficial to Obama. So much so, that he couldn’t stay out of the spot light until Obama wrapped up the nomination.


TIW blogged Folks, Obama HUSSEIN should not only denounce this man as an anti-American-racist-bigoted-liar, but Obama HUSSEIN should demounce Jeremiah Wright for being a disgrace to all humanity. What is really disgusting is that this man has damned thousands of people who have believed that he was a Man of God who was leading them on their way to Heaven, when all the while he was damning their souls to eternal HELL. I’d say, “God Damn Jeremiah Wright,” but God all ready has damned him. So sad.

Robbie Cooper blogged guess who is providing Jeremiah Wright’s “security”? Yep. His former Muslim brothers from the Nation of Islam. Other than from Obama or his campaign staff, I can’t imagine who the hell Wright needs security from…

Badger blogged I’ll bet you Barack Obama just stood there shaking his head in disbelief, asking why no one would shut him up, as he watched this speech given my his spiritual leader and mentor.

Dave Lucas blogged I don't recall if I saw it on a blog or in an op-ed piece, but yesterday I read where Jeremiah is beginning to have a really negative effect on Barack, and that the Main Stream Media is beginning to line up behind Clinton. I also read where many voters in the early primaries that Obama won now say Hillary would get their vote. This is changing the political landscape heading toward the Democratic convention. What next?

Ed Morrissey blogged Wright has to be kidding if he thinks that people can’t find Farrakhan’s public speeches on Jews and see for themselves his rampant anti-Semitism. And Team Obama has to wonder when Wright will stop shooting his mouth off in public.

Pamela Geller blogged "Pastor" Wright At Press Club Buries Obama, Keeps Digging

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Anonymous said...

Wright did Obama a huge favor...whereas Obama couldn't disown Wright (of course he could he chose not to)...Wright certainly made it appear as though he was insane and gave Obama the push he needed...now Obama can claim he was loyal to his 'people' and when questioned about his ties to Wright he can point to this outburst as his final straw to sever ties with Wright...should he be the Dem delegate this issue is easily explained away...Obama slithers out of another one