Monday, April 28, 2008

Black Brains and White Brains

American Digest reported It would seem there is a profound difference between the black brain and other brains after all. At least according to Reverend Wright. According to this shining exemplar of Barack Obama and the deep scholarship of black liberation theology, black people are right-brained and white people are left-brained.
What about mixed race people like Wright (and Obama). Do they not think with either side of their brains, and is that why Wright keeps saying such stupid things, and why Obama can only say Hope and Change?
Asian people don't make the discussion since that would be, well, unfortunate.
If you're like me you've probably been wandering about the world babbling something about racial equality in America that affirms, "There are no differences except differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference." You could also say, "All men are created equal." How left-brained of you.

Now comes Reverend James Wright to set us all straight. He notes in passing that the right-brain of black people is somehow descended from the griots of Africa. The griots were people who could remember long, very long, poems; proto-rappers if you will. White people had something like that too, but then they invented ... writing. Or was it the Asians? I forget since, alas, my griot genes are slim to none.
He also said black students learn differently. Would that not be justification for segragated schools?
Michelle Malkin blogged Jeremiah Wright, racial phrenologist

DavidL blogged Wright violated the PC taboo and attributed racial difference to something other than white antiblack discrimination. The danger is is one were to agree with Wright, he is apt to called a racist. Not only has Wright propped legs under The Bell Curve, he has questioned the premise of Brown v. Board of Eduction, that black children can’t learned unless mixed with whites.

Anne Leary blogged The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a profoundly racist man. Hey Rev. Wright--is God white or black? Or some other color?

TRO blogged Now sit back and imagine for a moment. What would the response be, by blacks and the liberal elite media, if a white person were giving this speech about the innate differences between blacks and whites? Come on, you don’t have to imagine very hard, do you? It’s happened before in our history. Racist whites used that excuse to segregate schools and diners and bathrooms not too long ago if you remember.

186 blogged Thank you Reverend Wright for loosing the election for Barack Obama!

Ed Morrissey blogged This sounds oddly similar to claims made in The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein, a book that created a firestorm of controversy with claims that race made a difference in IQ scores, among other claims. The two authors got reviled as racist enablers and their work became denigrated among a wide swath of researchers for seriously overreaching the science on which they relied for their conclusions.

Jake Tapper blogged The bulk of his remarks addressed, however, different groups seeing each other as deficient. He acted out the differences between marching bands at predominantly black and predominantly white colleges.

Sister Toldjah blogged Wright is not just a racist - one who said things in his speech this past weekend that would have a white pastor begging for forgiveness later on a national stage had he made similar remarks about white brains versus black brains - but also one very selfish individual.

Gateway Pundit blogged Oddly enough... This is the same argument used by the KKK in promoting their campaign of hatred.
Not surprisingly, the official website of the KKK (no, this is not a website I frequent!) has plenty of information that echoes what the Rev. Wright told his audience of black leaders last night

Protein Wisdom blogged Even more generally, if a Pat Robertson or a John Hagee gave a widely-publicized speech opining on the relative rhythm and musicality of blacks and whites, or talking about how blacks learn with their right brain, there would be a firestorm of criticism and the establishment media would immediately question John McCain as to whether he would denounce the remarks, etc.

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