Thursday, March 20, 2008

Muammar Gadaffi

allAfrica reported Colonel Muammar Gadaffi yesterday celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad with a two-hour speech in which he attacked the Scandinavian countries for besmirching the Prophet, the Arabs for monopolizing the Kaaba

Since it is located in Saudi Arabia, what would you have them do? Jack it up and out it on a large pallet and ship it to other Moslem countries? Or maybe blow it up, and send pieces to each Moslem country?
and signed off by describing the Bible as a forgery. "The Bible we have now is not the one that was revealed to Issa [Jesus] and the Old Testament is not the one that was revealed to Musa. Muhammad is mentioned in both (original versions),
Even though they were written hundreds and thousands of years before he was born.
but the Tora and Bible we have now, there is no mention of him," the Libyan leader, more known for his controversial statements than his piety, said.

"It means that it (Bible) has been forged. Prophet Muhammad was sent to mankind. Allah wanted mankind to have one religion. The Koran that we have is the only book that was sent by Allah. We believe in the Bible as well as the Tora."
As you are told to in 10:94, 16:43, 5:44, 2:213, 29:46, 6:4390. You just don't follow what they say.
He said Prophet Musa (Moses) and Issa (Jesus) talked about the coming of Muhammad in the Bible which has been in existence for centuries.
Muhammad tried to convince the Christian and Jewish tribes in his country that as well, and they did not buy it either so he killed them.
"Issa (Jesus) is mentioned in the Koran 25 times,
And yet he is not mentioned, by name, in the Torah (Old Testament). Maybe that is because it was written before he was born. Just as the New Testament was written before Satan revealed the Koran to the drunken child-molester Muhammad.
Musa (Moses) is mentioned 128 times, Mariam (Mary mother of Jesus) is mentioned 30 times. It is all glorifying and highly respectful. We cannot be Muslims unless we believe in Issa.
But you do not believe he was the Son of God or that he died on the cross so that we might all have eternal life.
We have to look for the Bible and Torah that were sent to Moses and Jesus, but where can you find them?
As I recall, Muhammad was ordered by Allah to maintain copies of both the Torah and the Bible, and keep them safe from any forgeries. Do you mean the Muslims disobeyed Allah and did not do that? The Koran confirmed the validity of the Bible ( 5:46, 2:40, 2:41, 12:111, 4:47, 6:92, 3:3, 35:31, 2:91, 3:113, 2:121, 2:41, 3:81), and it did NOT annul the Bible ( 2:40, 2:41, 2:91, 2:121, 2:213, 3:3, 3:81, 3:113, 4:47, 5:47, 6:90, 6:92, 6:154, 6:156), to the contrary (5:18, 2:136, 2:89).
Unfortunately, the holy book that was sent by Allah was written by mankind and forged," Col. Gadaffi, speaking through a translator said.

Weasel Zippers blogged I've heard Muslims claim the Bible contains prophecies about Mohammed (it does not), but this is the first time I've heard the claim the he is mentioned by name. The again it's coming for Moooaammaar so we already know it's a crock of shit.

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