Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"

DailyTech reported New derivation of equations governing the greenhouse effect reveals "runaway warming" impossible

Not just that we have more time than earlier predicted. Runaway "global warming" is impossible.
Miklós Zágoni isn't just a physicist and environmental researcher. He is also a global warming activist and Hungary's most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Protocol. Or was. That was until he learned the details of a new theory of the greenhouse effect, one that not only gave far more accurate climate predictions here on Earth, but Mars too.
Both warmed by the same sun, and both experiencing warming the last few years. Those Martians need to join Kyoto.
The theory was developed by another Hungarian scientist, Ferenc Miskolczi, an atmospheric physicist with 30 years of experience and a former researcher with NASA's Langley Research Center.

After studying it, Zágoni stopped calling global warming a crisis, and has instead focused on presenting the new theory to other climatologists. The data fit extremely well. "I fell in love," he stated at the International Climate Change Conference this week.... NASA refused to release the results. Miskolczi believes their motivation is simple. "Money", he tells DailyTech.
Precisely. A lot of governments are willing to pour in a lot of money to try to prop up this false theory so that they can get more control of their own economies, and hopefully hurt the US's economy if we can be suckered into buying these lies.
Research that contradicts the view of an impending crisis jeopardizes funding, not only for his own atmosphere-monitoring project, but all climate-change research. Currently, funding for climate research tops $5 billion per year.

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