Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's all the media's fault

AP reported Asked how she [Lynndie England] could blame the media for the controversy, she said it wasn't her who leaked the photos. "Yeah, I took the photos but I didn't make it worldwide. Yes, I was in five or six pictures and I took some pictures, and those pictures were shameful and degrading to the Iraqis and to our government," she said, according to the report.

And yourself?????
"And I feel sorry and wrong about what I did. But it would not have escalated to what it did all over the world if it wouldn't have been for someone leaking it to the media."
So what you did would not have been bad if someone had not leaked the potos to the press?
.... Asked by the magazine if what happened at Abu Ghraib was a scandal or something that happens during wartime, England said it was the latter. "I'm saying that what we did happens in war.
It shouldn't.
It just isn't documented,"
But you are the one that documented it.
she was quoted as saying. "If it had been broken by the news without the pictures it wouldn't have been that big."
And who took the pictures? Oh, yeah, you did.
She told the magazine that there are other photographs that have not been released that contain more graphic images than those that were seen on television, in newspapers and on the Internet.
Should they be? Would that then make your photos OK?

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