Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You want an economic stimulus? Open ANWAR

Investor's Business Daily reported We have billions of barrels of oil locked underground in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on the Outer Continental Shelf. We have two trillion barrels of crude in oil sands here and in Canada. All this supply is enough to keep our economy humming until adequate oil replacements can be found.
You want an economic stimulus? Open ANWAR
With prices today nudging $90 a barrel, we're paying roughly $1 billion a day more for crude than we did just two years ago. This amounts to a tax that the Democrat-led Congress has irresponsibly refused to remove by letting us develop more oil. And the tax falls heaviest on the lower-income Americans that the Democrats profess to represent.

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Anonymous said...

REP DON YOUNG TO ED MARKEY: TRUE ECONOMIC STIMULUS RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES - AND YOU OPPOSE IT (while simultaneously praising Hugo Chavez and Joe Kennedy for delivering a pittance worth of Venezuelan oil to Americans suffering as a result your "lock-up and throw-away-the-key" domestic energy policies....

See link below for press reslease and letter to Markey