Friday, January 25, 2008

Boycott ESPN?

The Anchoress had a very good post about the incident when ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson graphically attacked Jesus Christ at a recent roast of her colleagues; she was reportedly intoxicated. At the January 11 event, Jacobson roared from the podium, “F*** Notre Dame,” “F*** Touchdown Jesus,” and finally “F*** Jesus.”: Clearly, we’re not going to go extreme and call Jihad on these folks,
The Anchoress is absolutely right. Christians are not going to riot in the street, or kill people, or even threaten to kill people. We know Christ. We are not insecure about our faith, and we know that an offensive thing said about our faith is not going to hurt us or hurt Christ. We leave that to the "Religion of the Perpetually Offended" where most of its followers can't even figure out that the clerics urging them to die to collect 72 virgins, never even think of risking their own lives.
but I would be upset to see us go “wimpering Oprah victim” over it, either. Jesus has big shoulders, wide open arms and room for Dana Jacobson. I think the best thing any of us can do is pray for her and wish her peace. Because if she has the peace of Christ within her, she won’t need to make stupid jokes to be “cool.”.... The job of the Christian is to hold fast in the face of chaos and recall that Christ is more powerful than any man or media, and that darkness does not overcome light. To be honest, all the fretting from us Christians is a bit unseemly. If we are secure in what we believe, a cartoon does not take us down, no matter how perverse and offensive, because Christ is alive, and Grace abounds

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