Saturday, January 26, 2008

Violence Continues in Kenya a Day After Talks

New York Times reported The political bickering continued in Kenya on Friday, and so did the violence, with young men in gangs from opposing ethnic groups killing one another in the streets with machetes and bows and arrows.
Gun control advocates take note. If people want to kill each other they will find a way to do it.
Nakuru, one of the biggest towns in the Rift Valley, seems to be the new trouble zone. Witnesses said fighting erupted there late Thursday when mobs of Kikuyus, the ethnic group of Kenya’s president, mobilized to avenge attacks suffered at the hands of other ethnic groups.
You kill our people, we will kill you. Talks are not going to have an effect.
Witnesses said Kikuyu gangs built roadblocks to stop police officers from entering certain neighborhoods and then burned homes and businesses belonging to two other groups, Luos and Kalenjins.
The Luos are the Muslim tribe that wants to impose Sharia law on the others. But this is not a battle between Christians and Muslims, it is just tribal warfare where each tribe wants to be in control.
Those groups sent out their young men to confront the attackers, resulting in a riot with hundreds of homes burned, dozens of shops destroyed and at least 10 people killed. Some witnesses said dozens of corpses filled the town’s morgues.

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Anonymous said...

my ass how many times do you and your white morons continue perpetrating this blatant lies about luos being muslims fuck you

Don Singleton said...

The Luos candidate for President promised to put the entire country under Sharia law. I would not think he would have promised that if he was a Methodist.