Sunday, October 28, 2007

Single Payer System

On The Fence Films :: Two Women shows "In Two Women, filmmakers Stuart Browning and Blaine Greenberg show that having the government determine health care access and priorities can have truly unfortunate consequences for some people. Set in Ontario, Canada - this powerful video serves as a cautionary example of where single-payer health care reform will lead if adopted in the United States."
I am not sure I see the connection to sex change operations, but this is certainly a good indication that we do not want a health care system that limits doctors to doing only a certain number of procedures each year, and will not allow you to pay for your own procedure.
Hat tip to The Anchoress wh blogged Sorry you must lose your bladder, but the excellent National Health Insurance plan in Canada, which so many Democrats in this country vaunt as a model for the US can only do a few of those minor surgeries that would have saved your bladder, each year.

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