Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Associate terrorism with Islam

Kuwait News Agency reported Head of the Green Party and National Spokesman Alexander Van der Bellen said he is against the attempts of some bodies to associate Islam with terrorism.
Who is he referring to? Would it be the terror groups that take names like "Islamic Jihad" or "the Party of Allah" (Hizballah) or "The Islamic Resistance Movement" (Hamas). Would it be the terrorists that quote from the Qur'an that draw the association?
Der Bellen told KUNA that it is in everybody's favor that 400,000 Moslems living in Austria do not turn into hostages as a result of the acts of a few extremist Moslems in the country.
Particularly it is in the interest of the 400,000 that have an opportunity to live in this Western country, and who prefer to live there rather than under an oppressive Middle Eastern government that they make sure to eject the clerics who seek to radicalize their youth.

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