Sunday, October 28, 2007

Expert presents Islam as tolerant

Centredaily. reported “Muslims are obliged. ... You have to respect people of other faith,”
Just don't make friends with them.. And if they are Christians and Jews they must be subjugated and pay protection money. Members of other faiths are just killed.
Noorbaksh said. Radical elements in Muslim countries — such as those that promote female genital mutilation or ban women from driving — do not stem from the religion itself, Noorbaksh said.
Rights of a woman 1/2 that of a man, Four male witnesses to prove a woman was raped, A man may beat his wife, etc.
“Of course, we have a lot of authoritarian regimes in the Islamic world,” he said. “But it doesn’t have anything to do with the faith.”
I wonder why that is.
He went on to tweak the U.S. government over its relationships with a number of those regimes. Some radical Muslims develop extreme ideologies because they’ve felt left out of the political process, Noorbaksh said.
And what should we do about that? Replace those authoritarian regimes with Wahabi theocracies?
Further addressing the U.S., he said some political leaders here began looking for a new perceived threat after the Soviet Union collapsed. “For them, luckily, of course, they got it — and that was Islam,” Noorbaksh said. “Islam substituted (for) the former Soviet Union.”
Which was having its own problems with Chechen Islamists.
Terms such as “Islamo- Fascism” reflect a mentality “nourished mostly by a fear factor,” he said.
Which is the purpose of terrorism.
He said terrorists make up far less than even 1 percent of the global Muslim population of 1.3 billion.
So there are less than 13 million Muslim terrorists. That's reassuring

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