Friday, August 03, 2007

Hanging in Iran

Many countries feel the death penalty is wrong. Others, like the US, feel it is appropriate in extreme cases, but even then, we usually use the quickest, least painful way to do it. Even in Iraq, when they hung Saddam Hussein, it was done on a gallows, which immediately breaks the neck of the condemned, so he does not suffer unnecessarily. In Iran, where they hang people for many different crimes besides murder, they use a crane to lift the condemned up by the neck where they strangle to death. Arash Kamangir blogged about the public hanging of a murderer. witnessed by children, and he has a album full of photos, showing the condemned looking up at what awaited him, and waiving goodbye to people once the noose was around his neck, etc. But the most telling image, in my opinion, is this one, which demonstrates their use of a crane.

Is there anyone that thinks Iran is a civilized country? There are certainly many Iranians who are definitely eager for 21st century life, but under their government they are still back in the Dark Ages.

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