Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pigs may not fly, but they could be rain

Daily Mail reported A group of Muslims have opposed plans for a pet food factory to be built as possible pork emissions will violate their religious rights. Butchers Pet Care could shelve plans for a factory in Coton Park, near Rugby, because angry Asian families have complained to their residents' association about pork smells drifting into their garden.
No one likes foul odors, but I can think of a lot worse odors to be downwind of.
Muslim residents in the area also claim the pork will effectively "rain down" on their homes and gardens after the factory's 100ft chimney has pumped the meat extracts into the atmosphere.
Pigs may not fly, but they could be rain
The Coton Park Residential Association said they have received complaints from Muslims - who are directed to not eat pork by the Qur'an - and are taking the matter very seriously.... "Our religion expressly forbids us to consume pig meat in any form.
Don't feed it to any animal you will eat.
"Because of the way in which this meat material will leave the factory and give that the area can be 'rained upon' we will be consuming pork via inhalation of this 'rain'.
Hold your breath.
"Not only that but our clothes will be contaminated by pork."
They are already contaminated; they touched your bodies.
AllahPundit blogged If the mere smell of pork is so lethally haram, how do they manage to live in England at all? One wrong turn down an unfamiliar street and they might end up outside a butcher shop. What then? Or is there some de minimis exception where trace amounts of pig smell are okay so long as it’s not, um, “raining down”?

Howie blogged I suggest all non-Muslims protest the protest with a coordinated back yard hickory pork barbeque and beer bash. Ahh the sweet smell of boston butts roasting on a hickory fire. Mmmm, mmmm good. After the first few beers don't forget to yell, "Yeeeehaaaa!", or the British equivalent, really loud a few times, just for extra scaryness.

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