Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wearing socks

NY Daily News reported Failed shoe bomber Richard Reid fantasizes that Allah will free him from the Supermax prison cell where he lives in isolation - and in his socks.

Have they taken his shoes away?
"I had a couple of good dreams about my situation changing for the better in the not-so-distant future, so this is a blessing from Allah," Reid wrote in letters obtained by a British newspaper.
Dream on.
"I place my trust in Allah that he will bring that into fruition and ask him to give me patience until the time when that occurs."
There have been so many Muslims going to Hell for killing other Muslims, that He is having to add on a new wing. I am sure will call for you when it is ready.
The Mirror also secured exclusive photos of the 33-year-old Al Qaeda acolyte who tried to blow up a packed Miami-bound jet with booby-trapped sneakers - and who stares with crazy eyes at the camera.

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Greta said...

I bet they are for sale on E-bay!