Friday, June 22, 2007

Stem-cell research bill reported President Bush vetoed a bill that would have made it possible to expand federally funded embryonic stem-cell research.
There is nothing preventing embryonic stem cell research; this bill would have just spent federal money on it, which pro-life people object to since their tax dollars would be spent destroying potential human life. And federal money can currently be spent on many other types of stem-cell research, the forms that have already produced cures (unlike embryonic stem-cells)
The veto was a knock to the Democratic-led Congress. Democrats, who had made the stem cell legislation a top priority when they took control of the House and Senate in January, were quick to denounce the president's decision. "This is just one example of how the president puts ideology before science, politics before the needs of our families,
As if the Dems are not doing exactly the same thing.
just one more example of how out of touch with reality he and his party have become,"
Bush authorized research on some embryonic stem-cell lines, that akready existed, reversing a complete ban under Clinton.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, told the Take Back America conference of liberal activists. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, another Democratic presidential hopeful, said Bush was "deferring the hopes of millions of Americans who do not have the time to keep waiting for the cure that may save or extend lives."
They should be urgin research into things that have shown they can create cures, rather than something that just "might" do it, but which equally might cause major cancer.
Democrats said they would hold votes to try to override the veto - or at least give the issue more air time.
Rather than trying to work on compromises on other things that could produce results, they will just waste time on something they know will not work, but which will get them on TV bashing the Republicans.

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