Sunday, June 17, 2007

Islam's Rise in Europe

Family Security Matters reported An impressive gathering of the world’s leading experts on the threat of Islamic fundamentalism was held at Pepperdine University on June 10, where FSM Contributing Editor Dick McDonald was one of the moderators. Here, McDonald reveals what was discussed at this forward-thinking conference.... The conference clearly defined the tragedy that is multiculturalism and how Islam is using the weak European bureaucracy and left leaning institutions like the media and the political class to slowly but methodically introduce the cult of Islam and the Shari’a law into their societies. That such assimilation has been preordained by a 1970 pact with the Arabs to exchange oil at a favorable price for letting Muslims immigrate in great numbers into Europe, and for Europe to take the Muslim side in international dealings with the Arabs against Israel.

I was not aware of that treaty, but it certainly explains some stupid actions on the part of the EU.
... Islam is one promoted by the left as a “religion of peace,” but in reality is headed by a God that believes in killing non-believers. That makes Islam not a true religion but an ideology which demands the death sentence for you, should you depart from it or its rigid demands. Islam meets the standard FBI definition of a “cult,”
The artivle links to a document which has apparently been moved to here
in which the allegiance of its devotées is not to America but to their ideological group, Islam. It is hardly a “religion of peace” – it is more appropriately designated as a “cult of death,” in which suicide bombers are elevated to “sainted status.”
What remains to be seen is God's evaluation of that status on Judgement Day, and how deep in hell He puts them.
We all need to pay attention and assist those like Avi that are leading the charge to counter the plague that is upon us.

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