Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scared Gazans clamoring to enter Israel

Yahoo! News reported Trapped by Israeli tanks and Hamas gunmen, hundreds of terrified Palestinians holed up in a stench-filled concrete tunnel at a border crossing Tuesday, desperate to flee the Islamic militants now ruling the Gaza Strip.
When your own people are trying to kill you, apparently you are willing to go be with people you call dogs and pigs.
... In one instance, a crowd attacked a food cart, "and only the strong got the food," the man said.
Ahhh, Civilization (Muslim style).
Later, Israel sent in five cartons of food, he said. "There was order because they made everybody sit down," he said.
Smart Jews.
... Abu Mustafa, a Fatah fighter seeking to leave through Erez, feared he is a marked man. "They forgave people before and later killed them. There's no way we'll go back," he said.
They wanted to be sure they were disarmed first.
A Fatah leader in the West Bank, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the delicacy of the matter, said Abbas, the Palestinian president, did not want Gazans streaming out of the coastal strip and leaving it an undiluted Hamas stronghold.
It would be better if it was an undiluted Hamas stronghold. Then Israel could just carpet bomb the whole place. Bring on the MOABs
... The International Red Cross said medicine and medical supplies were urgently needed in Gaza, where it said hundreds were hospitalized with injuries from last week's fighting.

Marisol blogged Death to Israel! But, since you're not dead yet... Save us, Israel!

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