Sunday, February 04, 2007

McCain Flip-Flops In 47 Seconds

Think Progress blogged On ABC’s This Week, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said it is unrealistic to expect the escalation strategy to change the situation in Iraq in “a few months”:

MCCAIN: Took us a long time to get in the situation we’re in, and to say that — and somehow assume that in a few months, that things are going to get all better
There is a BIG difference between "change the situation" and "get all better"
I think is not realistic.
Just 47 seconds later, McCain said we’ll know whether the escalation strategy is working “in a few months”:
STEPHANOPOULOS: You say it’s all in. How long are you going to give it to work?

MCCAIN: I think in the case of the Iraqi government cooperating and doing what’s necessary, we can know fairly well in a few months.
If you don't agree with McCain that is one thing, but it is not fair to distort what he said, and then say he flip flopped.

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