Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lawmakers Revolt Against Long Hours

The Politico Even before Democratic leaders have made good on promises to harness lawmakers five days a week, cross-party opposition is growing, with senators ready to revolt and House members simmering over the new schedule

Those poor pampered legislators. Complaining about a five day work week. We should cut the pay of anyone that complains.
The most popular move afoot would have lawmakers working for three weeks at a stretch with a week off -- or some variation on that theme, several House and Senate members said. Such a schedule would roughly reflect the one in practice under previous Republican rule in the Senate.
How about working 6 months straight, and then having 18 months off, like in theas, unless called into special session by the President, and then they would work only on specific bills he called them into special session to pass.
"They should really work us so we get things done, then give us a few weeks off so we can do the Kiwanis Clubs and all that," said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. "If you leave early Monday, yes, you can get here for a 4:30 vote, but you lose the whole working day of Monday."
Travel on Sunday.

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