Sunday, February 04, 2007

Islamic Creationism Invades France

Direland blogged An article in yesterday's edition of Le Figaro, the conservative French daily, brings newsAtlas_de_la_creation that a new book written from an Islamic Creationist perspective, ""L'Atlas de la Création" is making waves in France.

I am not surprised. The Secular Progressives ridicule those that believe in Creationism or Intelligent Design (they are NOT the same thing, regardless of what the SPs say), but if they ridicule this too much, we may have Muslims rioting in the streets again, just like with the Danish cartoons.
According to the newspaper, dozens of thousands of free copies of this diatribe against Darwinism were sent from Turkey and Germany to nearly all French schools and universities.
I wonder if he has Saudi oil money behind the distribution.
The article does not say who paid for this expensive, lavishly-illustrated, 770-page anti-intellectual propaganda tome to be so massively distributed (although it asks the question.). Nor how whomever sent it was able to get a list of the "dozens of thousands" in educational establishments to whom it was individually addressed. The French Education Ministry reacted by advising all educational establishments that the book does not conform to the national science-based curriculum and "should not be included in the centers of documentation and information in scholarly establishments,"
Just like the SPs here.
and commissioned a dissection and refutation of the book.
Harun_yahya The book's pseudonymous author, a Turk named Harun Yahya (real name: Adnan Oktar), makes a number of astonishing claims -- including that Charles Darwin is "the real source of terrorism."
Well they certainly are not willing to admit it is the Qur'an.
For example, a photo of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers carries a caption reading, "Those who perpetuate terror in the world are in reality the Darwinists.
What is a photo of the World Trade Towers doing in a book about Creationism.
Darwinism is the only philosophy which validates and encourages conflict."
Was Muhammad not a philosopher?
Yahya also pretends to portray "the secret links between Darwinism and the bloody ideologies of fascism and communism."
I would be interested to know what those links are.

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