Sunday, December 03, 2006

Taliban comes to Gaza

Jerusalem Post reported A hitherto unknown group calling itself the Just Swords of Islam issued a warning to Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip over the weekend that they must wear the hijab or face being targeted by the group's members.

The Taliban come to Gaza. I wonder if they will now realize that they should have worked to establish a successful moderate Arab State when Israel pulled out, rather than remaining a lawless area where Hamas killed Fatah, and Fatah killed Hamas, and both killed Jews.
In pamphlets distributed in various parts of the Gaza Strip, the group also claimed responsibility for attacks on 12 Internet cafes over the past few days.
They target the internet cafes because through them people can learn what is happening in the world.
The warning was directed primarily against female students in a number of universities and colleges who do not cover their heads in line with Islamic tradition.
Islamic tradition = suppress women.
The group said its followers last week threw acid at the face of a young woman who was dressed "immodestly" in the center of Gaza City. They also destroyed a car belonging to a young man who was playing his radio tape too loudly.
That is the way the Taliban operate.
Addressing female students, the group said: "We will have no mercy on any woman who violates the traditions of Islam and who also hang out in Internet cafes."
Allah may be merciful, but these nutcases are not.

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