Monday, December 04, 2006

Bolton quits as U.N. ambassador

MSNBC reported Unable to win Senate confirmation, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton will step down when his temporary appointment expires within weeks, the White House said Monday.

I am sure the Democrats are celebrating, thinking Bush cannot find anyone that will stand up to the UN. I am sure there must be someone that can do at least close to the good job Bolton did, and Bush should look long and hard to find him.
Sister Toldjah blogged I think he’s one of the greatest UN ambassadors we’ve ever had. He will be missed, not by the people who think we should play nice with evil, but by the people who believe evil should be called for what it is.

Suzie blogged This is totally unexceptable......Un-freakin believable!! Breaking Now!! Lord Help Us....

D.C. Thorton blogged It does not bode well for this country when talented men and women are disqualified from the kind of public service that might actually do this country and the world some good.

Lawhawk blogged The ambassador position is not meant to advance the UN position in the US, but vice versa. Bolton understood this, and this meant tackling the issues of rampant corruption in the Secretariat and pushing for action on Darfur and other human rights crises. It meant standing up for the rights of our allies, including Israel that came under constant attack from Islamic terrorist groups, and the UN General Assembly instead sought to limit Israel's response. Bolton tried to deal with Darfur, and ran into roadblocks in the form of China and Russia. The same thing happened on the issue of Iran's nuclear program, which continues to proceed at full speed.

Gateway Pundit blogged You will be sorely missed Ambassador Bolton!
Good job! Good luck, Darfur.

Pamela blogged What is surprising is how quickly Bush rolled over................... John Bolton was a loyal Bush stalwart. Clearly he was at odds with recent Bush policy decisions that were chock full of carrots but no sticks for savage bullies, but he never said a cross word. Never. Loyal. No wonder Bush is isolated. A very bad day for America. The Bush Doctrine RIP. We're screwed.

Suitablyflip blogged Tyranny of the Outgoing Minority... This is one of those rare filibusters in which obstructionists get to feel good not only about shirking their advise and consent duties, but also about weakening the country's diplomatic stance - not only by virtue of the inevitable perceived instability, but also because Bolton was unusually intolerant of UN malefaction and few candidates (even under a Republican majority) would be likely to measure up.

Stop The ACLU blogged One of the first, after Rumsfeld, casualities of the “new direction the Democrats are taking us in. This is a great loss for the U.S. I’m sure the appeasers and criminals at the U.N. are celebrating.

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Mark said...

Bush is gonna regret not supporting him and letting him go, the country's going to suffer this loss.