Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I am blog-sitting this week. Seems like Don figured out how to get himself a nice December surgery & hospital stay. Foolish man (aren't they all), asked me to watch after his blog again. When will he ever learn that his blog-baby would be safer with my 6 year old? I certainly don't write like he does nor do I have the grasp of geo-politics he does. I guess I can be happy to say that I have the keys to a Pajama's Media Blog!

Evil thoughts are going through my tiny head about how to manipulate his readers. I will not blog about any 25 yo ho's without underwear (that just dropped him about 500 spots on PM - evil laugh inserted), I won't blog about the religion of peace, then what the heck should I do here besides waste your dang time?

I must now part with you to go raid the Hershey Kiss dish & kick back a few drinks. I have a BUNCO party tonight & plan to get into the holiday cheer (if you know what I mean). Remember - friends don't let friends blog drunk. Poor Don has no idea what he got himself into now! Falalalalala!

Shameless blog plug here!!!


Anonymous said...

Feel better Don


Silke said...

Wishing you all the best, Don.

William Teach said...

Hope everything goes well, Don!!!

Get better, Matey!!!!

beth said...

Don, I hope you are better soon! Greta is taking good care of your blog while you are gone so don't worry about that. Just get better.

Tom Bailey said...

I didnt really know that blog sitters existed.


Don Singleton said...

Thanks Greta. It turns out I do have access at St Johns. but today is the first that I have felt like doing much, and even this is not too much.

The minor surgery Tuesday and the major one Wednesday went fine, and they may even spring me tomorrow (hope hope)